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Ensuring They Show Up: How To Activate A Community

We’ve all experienced weak attendance at an event. But our client, Rocky Mount Sports Complex, knows how to attract, engage, and activate their audience and the results are spectacular

You work hard to put together great activities, plan incredible events, and organize outstanding entertainment, but when push comes to shove, does your community show up? We’ve all experienced less than stellar attendance at one event or another and there’s nothing more deflating. But our client, Rocky Mount Sports Complex in Rocky Mount, NC has had great success with getting people to support their events (over 100,000 in attendance last year) and these visitors continue to return and spread the word about this facility. Here are a few of the elements that make Rocky Mount Sports Complex, and their website, such a dynamo:


Promote & Cross Pollinate

Having a great website just isn’t enough if no one can find it. So, in addition to its structured data and superior SEO, the Sports Complex puts itself out there by linking to other relevant sites. By partnering with others, they can also leverage additional mailing lists and social audiences for a broader reach.


Think Outside the Bubble

When looking to attract new visitors, Rocky Mount Sports Complex provides them with all of the relevant information without having to leave their site. By carefully listing their supporting services (where to stay, food, parking, etc), they remove any anxiety for an inexperienced attendee. Last but not least, their map is up to date and is powered by Google, so that out-of-towners can get directions without leaving the site.


Consistency Is Key

In order to keep their audience in attendance, the planners at Rocky Mount diligently update their calendar as far in advance as possible and ensure that annual events stick like glue. Add to this a solid set of reminders and clear communication, you’ve got every seat filled!


Sweat The Details

It’s easy to get so caught up in the big events that you forget to update the regular weekly/monthly offerings. But for a visitor, the most important event is the one they plan to attend and they’re counting on your site to provide all of that information. So make sure that each and every event is listed and detailed as soon as possible, so your visitors can keep your calendar in synch with theirs.

Can a good website be good for business? Maybe. But a great website will undoubtedly help a district or association accomplish their goals. In the case of many, including the Rocky Mount Sports Complex, community engagement is one step closer thanks to a well-considered & captivating web presence.