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3 Things We Learned In Walnut Creek

It was great to see our BID partners and friends at this month’s fantastic West Coast Forum in Walnut Creek.

Like many of you, we spend most of our time focused on our clients, our product and our own lives. The event was a wonderful opportunity for us to take a break from our daily tasks and gain important perspective from our peers. Here were our big takeaways:


There’s No Such Thing As A ‘Failed’ Event

During the Power of FOMO breakout session, Devin Strecker, Director of Communications and Social Media, Hollywood Property Owners Alliance bravely recapped his team’s effort to create a music festival. Though the event didn’t warrant a second year, the groundwork they established facilitated a collaboration with a larger event which turned into an even bigger success for the area. Mr. Strecker’s honest recap of this process was truly inspirational.


Heroes Are Fighting Homelessness

Speaking of inspiration, Tomiquia Moss, the CEO of Hamilton Families in San Francisco spoke of her journey in the fight against homelessness with true passion. Her concrete and actionable vision to help prevent and solve existing homelessness was a revelation. We wish her and her organization continued success in this critical arena.


Tell Your Story, Convey Your Passion

Many of you probably met Kerry Inserra, Associate Director, Walnut Creek Downtown Association, as she was one of our hosts. But it was her participation in the breakout session about Social Media where she truly shined. In her presentation, Kerry recapped how she uses her own passion for video to amplify her member businesses social presence by turning the camera on them. Once they moved past their fear, they were able to promote their businesses with true authenticity and enthusiasm.

We are also grateful to those that attended this session which also featured our own CEO, Jason Gilbert as well as our rockstar client, Ariana Gomez, of LA’s Fashion District.

For those of our that attended, please remember we are offering a free 15-minute consultation as a thank you. If we didn’t get to connect or you didn’t attend, and have questions about Saltwater, just drop us a line. As always, we left the event excited and energized to help our clients continue to amplify their digital presence. We hope you did too.

The Saltwater Team